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Fire Retardant, Chemical Resistant, and Structurally Enhanced eco-compatible bio-polymers

L-400 is now in pilot testing.

White Polish anti-scratch finish to make the surfaces easily washable and sanitizable.

AI-generated skeleton structure composed of individual eco-compatible hyperstatic elements. 











More space can be obtained by adding more modules


L400 technology

L400 Modular Pod System:

a significant leap forward, redefining how functional spaces are conceived, designed, and utilized. At its core, L400 embodies a groundbreaking fusion of generative AI and advanced additive manufacturing using a novel carbon negative biomaterial, poised to transform legacy construction methods by deploying flexible, scalable, and sustainably built enclosed livable and workable spaces.

We have a culture of collaboration and teamwork that fosters creativity and innovation. Our team works closely together, sharing ideas and expertise to find the best solutions to complex challenges. This collaborative approach allows us to develop unique solutions that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

GENOMA LABS is researching and developing unprecedented bio-materials and advanced manufacturing solutions to cancel the footprint of our products, making them truly sustainable and projected to prove the possibilities of technology and science beyond the standard imagination and preconcepts.

GENOMA LABS integrates Ai parametric and generative models to engineer structural components for the PODS,   this enables a faster prototype phase and a more efficient and eco-compatible advanced manufacturing process.

In summary, our team's experience, expertise, collaborative approach, and integration of cutting-edge technology make us at the cutting edge of what's possible. We are committed to developing innovative advanced manufacturing solutions and bio-materials that meet the needs of our clients and advance humanity, and we are confident that the only way to improve is to deploy a CARBON NEGATIVE and ECO-COMPATIBLE approach with the planet Earth.

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